This Sunday come along to The Sidings for the authentic taste of India.  We have a brand new trader ready to share her tasty homemade Indian delicacies as well as a brand new product from Hook and Sons which is the ‘Holy Grail’ of the dairy world.  Adrian Webb is also serving up a meaty new dish and Markus Michealucci will be serenading you whilst you shop.

Davina’s Spice Kitchen

Davina's samosas (002)

Davina, a law graduate, gave up working in the City after having her children. From a young age, she has had a passion for cooking and has now decided to follow this up after being asked to do so by many friends and family, who enjoy her cuisine.

This week, Davina will be joining our N21 Farmers Market to offer her vegetable samosas, lamb and potato samosa rolls as well as delicious tandoori chicken wraps.

Davina is versatile and can make a wide variety of Indian dishes, including popular biryani and curry dishes, and appetizers such as pakoras and chickpea fritters. As a young girl, she learnt to make her signature vegetable samosas from her mother. Using fresh ingredients, healthy cooking methods and making her own pastry, these delicious golden triangles are filled with lightly spiced, potatoes, cauliflower, peas, carrots and red onion. They have proven to be a sell-out at other events so come along early and grab some before they all go!

Davina’s dishes will appeal to the whole family. So, for some exciting flavours of India visit Davina’s Spice Kitchen this Sunday.

Hook and Sons


Hook and Sons have now achieved something fantastic that’s taking the dairy world by storm!  Raw Yoghurt! Made from their own Organic Skimmed Raw Milk, this yoghurt is easier to digest and is bursting with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and immune boosting properties.

Try some this weekend – as a topping for fruit or muesli, in dips, to accompany a hot chilli, swirled into soups or smoothies or even just drizzled with honey.  With lots of different uses its definitely worth having in the fridge and with so many amazing properties that are good for you, you’d be crazy not to pick some up this weekend!

Don’t forget, you can also invest in Hook and Sons and help them to expand their fabulous products.  There isn’t that much time left so make sure you grab some details from them this Sunday.

Adrian Webb


Grab a chunky handmade steak burger at The Sidings this Sunday.  Choose from:-

The Wimpy Gold – 100% Fresh steak burger served with Monterey jack cheese, lettuce, maple cured bacon, sun dried tomatoes, relish and mayo served inside a fresh brioche bun.

BBQ Ranch – 100% Fresh Steak burger served with Monetary jack cheese, lettuce, mayo, maple cured bacon, caramelised onions, BBQ sauce and served in a Brioche bun.

Bob’s Hot Jamaican – 100% fresh steak burger served with Monterey jack cheese, lettuce, jamming chilli relish, sundried tomatoes and guacamole served in a delicious brioche bun.

They all sound delicious………….come along and find out which one is your favourite!

So make sure you save some room after breakfast for an array of wonderful foods, all waiting for you at The Sidings this Sunday!

Traders expected for the 10th July 2016:-

Perry Court Farm
Dees Pies
Hook and Sons
Iberian Deli
Davina’s Spice Kitchen
Marsh Produce
La Sambrosa Continental
Elixirs of Life
Oil and Vinegar
Wakelins of Hitchin
Celtic Bakers
Maria’s Tea Cakes (and Savoury)
Adrian Webb
Bike Boutique

Markus Michaelucci

Please note that the above list is only a guide. Traders may be subject to change at short notice. Love The Sidings? You can support your local market by spreading the word. If you know anyone that lives local and would enjoy the market too, let them know. You can use the sharing icons below to reach your friends on social media and email.

Nicholas Lake

Content creator for The Sidings N21

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