This week at The Sidings we have some fantastic new arrivals that are definitely worth checking out on Sunday.  So come on down and enjoy the amazing atmosphere, produce alongside the jazz sounds of our saxophone player Graeme Airth.

Hellenic Deli


Get down to The Sidings this weekend and check out the amazing products sold by Hellenic Deli.  Their Pine Tree honey is raw, straight from the honeycomb so it offers a taste like no other.  It is sought from high up in the mountains of Greece and not only is it amazing for eating and cooking, it is also fantastic for a number of other things. Due to its antiseptic properties it’s really good in helping to heal burns and wounds and is also really good for the digestive system.

They also stock some excellent olive oil.  This is made from Koroneiki olives from Lakonia in the Southern Pelopponese region of Greece.  It is totally unfiltered and has an acidity of only 0.3% – the lower the acidity the higher the quality of olive oil.  Due to its low acidity, this olive oil has a beautiful rich taste.  It is great for cooking, using on salads and a great anticarcinogenic (helps to prevent cancer).  Hellenic Deli now also stock this in an organic variety too.

Brockmans Farm


Jason is pleased to announce that its the first of the season for some of his amazing produce.  This week he will be stocking Gooseberries, new potatoes, bunched carrots and Sicilian peaches and as quoted by Jason, “They are the best in the world”.

Celtic Bakers


AJ is introducing a new sourdough this week and trust me……it’s amazing.  It is a seed and raisin sourdough and is perfect for breakfast and generally snacking during the day.  For those of you with a sweet tooth, this is a definite MUST!

London Cheesemongers


Starting this weekend and going through the summer months, Jared will be stocking some fantastic cow milk mozzarella from Campania in Italy.  Its a great all rounder so can be used for cooking, melting or eating raw in a summer salad.

Kamikaze Kitchen


Yoriko is changing her menu this week.  You’re in for a treat this week with some yummy new dishes:-

-Duck Gyoza Dumplings
-Veg Gyoza Dumplings
-Katsu Curry with selection of toppings… Chicken Katsu, Pumpkin Croquette (v) and Prawn on rice
-*New Teriyaki chicken
-*New On a Go Katsu Burrito….Chicken Katsu or Pumpkin Croquette(v)
-*New Gluten Free breakfast….Japanese rolled omelette topped with couple of Nikomihanbaagu in BBQ sauce on Gluten Free muffin

The Hungry Bears Blog

Check out this week’s amazing recipe.


Expected traders for 14th June:

Brockmans Farm
Zeytoon Bar
Hellenic Deli
Marsh Produce
Kamikaze Kitchen
Bike Boutique
Adrian Web
Marias Tea Cakes (and savoury stall)
Celtic Bakers
Batchfarm Cheese
Oil and Vinegar
Hanningfield Smokehouse
Culina Anatoulica


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Nicholas Lake

Content creator for The Sidings N21

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