We are always happy to see you join us at The Sidings N21 and we look forward to seeing you this weekend.  Joining us at The market this week we have Uma selling her secret sauces, Marsh Produce have prepared something suitable for indoor cooking as our fabulous British weather is always unreliable and we welcome the return of Graeme entertaining us with his Sax!

Umas Secret Sauces


Uma runs a family business producing healthy authentic Gujarati foods, lentils, black eyed beans, chick peas, dips and pickles.  Come along on Sunday and sample her award winning Coriander chutney and Kidney Beans.  She creates homemade cooking sauces that are very versatile, they can be used with meats, fish, chicken, vegetables and pasta.  They also make a great sauce for Pizza. Starting from August, Uma is with us at The Sidings on the second Sunday of every month so grab all you need for the month ahead this weekend.

Iberian Deli


Iberian Deli are exclusive distributors of Cardeno Acorn Fed Iberico Products.  Iberico products are sourced from one of the most exclusive and high quality producers that have been serving Spanish royals for 3 generations.  They offer only the very best meats, from animals that are traditionally reared using artisanal methods. Acorn-fed to ensure the right qualities, their numbers are strictly limited (5 Acers per pig) to ensure their wellbeing and the sustainability of the eco-system within which they live.  The Iberian pig performs the miracle of transforming the pasture and acorns it feeds upon into one of the healthiest and most exquisite natural products: Ibérico ham.

Cardeno Iberico Acorn Fed Ham: Three Stars*** Superior Taste Award 2015 from The International Taste & Quality Institute
Cardeno Iberico Acorn Fed Lomo (Loin): Three Stars *** Superior Taste Award 2015 from The International Taste & Quality Institute

Marsh Farm Produce

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As well as offering seasonal burgers, sausages and meat cuts perfect for the Barbeque, Marsh Farm appreciate that British weather is not always perfect.  They have therefore created some delicious indoor alternatives.  This Sunday they are offering a tasty pork escalope covered in a mix of breadcrumbs, parmesan, lemon zest, rosemary, sage and garlic and a homemade chicken kiev, a plump chicken breast encased in a breadcrumb and parmesan mix.  Perfect for adults and kids alike so make sure you grab one whilst they’re available.

I am Dumplin


Grab something fresh and tasty from I am Dumplin this Sunday.  With a selection of dumplings available, you can choose from vegetable, chicken, pork and prawn or have a super 7 which is a gourmet selection.  Garnished with soft herb leaves, toasted sesame seeds, crisp Shallotte and smashed pork crackling………….once you have this you can then get saucy, choose from Easy Japanesey, Phuket and Everyone, each with varying depths of spice.  You can then finish off your lunch with a Bao, coconut and custard bun.

So for a relaxing morning in a chilled out atmosphere, come along to The Sidings and simply enjoy!

Traders expected for the 17th July 2016:-

Perry Court Farm
Iberian Deli
Dees Pies
Hook and Sons
La Sambrosa Continental
Marsh Produce
Umas Secret Sauces
Oil and Vinegar
Wakelins Coffee
Celtic Bakers
I Am Dumplin
Maria’s Tea Cakes (and Savoury)
Adrian Webb
Bike Boutique

Please note that the above list is only a guide. Traders may be subject to change at short notice. Love The Sidings? You can support your local market by spreading the word. If you know anyone that lives local and would enjoy the market too, let them know. You can use the sharing icons below to reach your friends on social media and email.

Nicholas Lake

Content creator for The Sidings N21

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