18 Jan 2015 – What’s on at The Sidings N21

Filippo's Fantastic Cheeses

On a cold day, there’s nothing better than a hot, home cooked meal so come to The Sidings N21 this Sunday and pick up some of the freshest and best tasting ingredients you could hope to get your hands on.

As well as our regular stall holders bringing you amazing fresh meat, bread and vegetables, Lockies Shellfish will be there so you can fill your Sunday afternoon kitchen with the hot steam of a flavourful lobster boil.

Eat Drink Ideas’ owners Filippo and Mary are excited to share with you their extensive range of hand-picked Italian and British cheeses. After a sell-out Christmas, the fresh and soft selection has now arrived including creamy delicate goat cheeses, unpasteurised Taleggio, an extraordinary Italian Camembert (made with cow’s ewe’s and goat’s milk), plus the long-awaited fresh buffalo mozzarella!

Filippo's Fantastic Cheeses

If you think your wonderful hot meal will benefit from a fresh sweet or savoury pie (and why wouldn’t it?) then don’t forget to visit Limetree Pantry Foods’ stall where they will be showing and selling their amazing range of pastries, cakes, fruit pies, savoury pies and shortcrust pastry deliciousness. As well as looking amazing, these pies have such wonderful fillings and flavours that you should make sure you get enough for all your guests to have seconds.

Don’t forget man’s best friend as well on Sunday because Canine Cookies will be on site to provide amazing dog biscuits which will hopefully prevent your dog from begging for the amazing meat and poultry that you’ll be cooking in the afternoon. Canine Cookies always seems to sell out quite quickly, so come to the market nice and early if you want to ensure that you can buy your pooch a present.

And as always, Adrian will be making some fantastic, ready made food which should be perfect for a bright and crisp Sunday morning in January.

It’s going to be another amazing day full of amazing, local, fresh foods at The Sidings N21 and we look forward to seeing you there!

Nicholas Lake

Content creator for The Sidings N21

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