Come along to The Sidings this week and join the Food Revolution!  Why not bring your kids along and introduce them to the large variety of freshly grown vegetables and sustainable products that we have to offer every week.

Cossack Cuisine


Steve Jones is making his monthly return to the market this week.  For those of you that haven’t had the chance to try one of his delicious pies with a Russian twist…. this Sunday is the time to stock up!  Without compromising on the authentic delicious taste, they deliberately augment the food with superfoods and highly nutritious natural ingredients bought locally.  Cossack Cuisine take great pride in their products and recently won an award for their Chicken and Chorizo Pie which featured in the ‘British Pie Awards’ so you know that you’ll be eating great quality food from a dedicated trader.  Non-meat and gluten-free foods now feature on their menu so there will be something for everyone’s taste.

Celtic Bakers


AJ is with us every Sunday at The Sidings providing a whole array of different breads for his customers. Celtic Bakers use natural leavens, and the simple ingredients of flour, water and salt to create a wide range of sourdoughs, from young, creamy and sweet loaves to the more mature sourdoughs which have a real kick to the flavour. They also have a small selection of croissants and other pastries on offer, all of which are made fresh each day in their factory with authentic methodology and scrupulous attention to detail.  So if you’re not sure which breads are the best choice for you, ask AJ…. his knowledge of the produce is second to none and you will leave his stall content knowing you have exactly the right product for you!

Adrian Webb


Adrian will be serving breakfast from 9am, Succulent free range maple cured sweet back bacon with a mix of streaky, freshly cooked on his charcoal barbeque and then served in a soft baked bun…..the ultimate bacon roll! This is also delicious with a soft fried egg added.  For the vegetarians amongst us or for those that just fancy something a little different, why not try one of Adrian’s proper chef Omelettes made to order in front of you.  You can choose from any of the following:- mushrooms, cheese or Spanish with chorizo and potato.  A very simple dish but a delight to start the day! Adrian will also be serving up a variety of different gourmet hot dogs all day.  You will be able to choose from “The Polsky Dog” a smoked, all pork grill sausage from Poland, from Germany the “Wurst Dog” especially for “no pork customers” and a lovely “Kaiser Dog” made with pork and cheese running through the centre which melts inside when grilled….mmmm! Finally specially handmade to their own recipe the “Great British Banger” a jumbo Cumberland pork sausage of very high gourmet quality , great for the kids and fast becoming a huge favourite at the Sidings.  These are all wonderful smothered with our caramelised fried onions , lots of Heinz Ketchup and Mustard. Hanningfield Smokehouse

Hanningfield Smokehouse


Katja and Colin have an amazing selection of smoked goods.  Their range includes smoked garlic, cheese, pate and a selection of different fish.  This Sunday at The Sidings they will be bringing along a whole side of salmon so you can have the whole side or they will be happy to do half, depending on your needs.  They also have an offer on this week on their smoked trout and trout fillets. Also, do not forget about their delicious smoked trout pate…….this is amazing and definitely worth every penny!

Weekly Recipe


Courtesy of The Hungry Bear we have yet another delicious recipe for you to try, Fragrant Chicken Stir Fry.

Marsh Farm can provide you with free range chicken and Brockmans Farm can provide the fresh vegetables.

So make The Sidings part of your regular Sunday routine and come along for the fantastic foods, entertainment and great atmosphere!

Traders expected on 24th May:

  • Brockmans Farm
  • Themptation
  • Zeytoon Bar
  • Hellenic Deli
  • Marsh Produce
  • Greenwich Smokery
  • London Cheesemongers
  • Cossack Cuisine
  • Sustainable Wines
  • BatchFarm Cheese
  • Hanningfield Smokehouse
  • Maria’s Tea Cakes
  • Celtic Bakers
  • Ngozi’s Kitchen
  • Culina Anatoulica
  • Adrian Webb
  • Bike Boutique

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Shelly Searles

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