Get your body Summer ready thanks to Elixirs of Life this Sunday at The Sidings!  We also have Crafty Canz showcasing a fantastic local brewery and Ojo Foods have more award winning produce for you to feast upon.  Music this Sunday will be provided by our local duo ‘That Blue Patch’.

Elixirs of Life


With Summer now here, Elixirs of Life have everything you could possibly need to get your skin ready.  Their recommended products for this wonderful sunny season are:

Step into life foot cream
Nurture tired feet with this deeply nourishing natural foot cream,  containing Organic Cocoa butter one of nature’s most effective emollients, rich in antioxidants, especially suitable for the heels and hard pads of the feet.  Infused with a cooling, refreshing aroma of antibacterial, antiseptic essential oils of  Peppermint, Tea Tree and Lavender, putting the natural pep back into your step.

Gardeners life hand cream
A deeply nourishing natural hand cream that is so loved by ladies & men!  Quenches the thirst of dry skin, Chamomile & Marigold soothing for chapped hands, acts as a light, non-greasy barrier cream, leaving the skin feeling deliciously hydrated.  Containing Cocoa butter one of nature’s most effective emollients, rich in antioxidants with added Jojoba oil to rejuvenate the skin.
A natural product suitable for skin that may be prone to dermatitis & psoriasis.  The combination of pure Tea Tree, Lavender and Benzoin essential oils, subtle, tantalising to describe, but definitely warm, spicy and lingering, an aroma that is appreciated by both men & women.  A small amount spreads a long way and can be used anywhere on the body including the face.

Joint & muscle rub
According to our customers this product does exactly what it says on the tin!  Nourishing Thistle Oil also known as Safflower Oil, Vitamin enriched Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E an excellent source of essential fatty acids Omega 3 & 6.  Containing cleansing Nettle & Devils Claw skin conditioning natural ingredients, this cream is a great product to compliment a healthy lifestyle.

Contains a soothing and warming blend of essential oils, Coriander, purifying Juniper, Marjoram for tired muscles & Eucalyptus. These oils are warming, stimulating and can optimise healthy circulation.

Aloe & Rose hand and body lotion
Natural rich hand and body lotion bursting with Omega 3 & 6 oils which are deeply nourishing and hydrating topped off with soothing Aloe Vera.  Enriched with Rosehip seed oil, known for it’s outstanding skin rejuvenating properties, Shea butter for it’s deep moisturising properties, Olive oil for it’s protective and skin softening properties with added Vitamin E.   Beautifully scented with Rose geranium, Palma rosa, Clary sage, Ylang Ylang and Bergamot pure essential oils, smells absolutely divine.

Aloe & Benzoin hand and body lotion

This lotion is very similar to the Aloe and Rose, enriched with Rosehip seed oil, known for it’s outstanding skin rejuvenating properties, Shea butter for it’s deep moisturising properties, Olive oil for it’s protective and skin softening properties with added Vitamin E.   Beautifully scented with a subtle aroma of Benzoin and Lavender pure essential oils, smells absolutely divine, very similar aroma to our Multi-Award Winning Gardeners Life Hand Cream, just more subtle. Non greasy & easily absorbed, conditioning the skin leaving it feeling soft & hydrated, perfect after sun treatment!

Everything you need for a fabulously hot summer

Crafty Canz


Crafty Canz have a great range of drinks brewed locally by Redchurch Brewery.  The brewery started from the owner’s home on Redchurch Street Shoreditch, hence the name. It migrated to its current home in Bethnal Green in 2012. As the beer names suggest they are called after local landmarks and roads within the vicinity. Ranging from a Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Lager, Blonde Beer and 2 stouts their range covers most tastes and by their relatively quick expansion they have all proved popular.

Bethnal Pale Ale
An inspiring blend of English malts and American hops fused together to produce a big juicy fruit packed pale ale with a huge hoppy nose from the late additions in the boil and intense dry hopping.

Great Eastern IPA
Blending the rich caramel character of English pale malts with Centennial, Chinook, and Columbus hops late in the boil and dry hopped to provide a massive tropical fruit aroma and punchy bitterness.

Old Fort Export Stout
A rich, dark export stout with a complex malt base providing burnt chocolate, espresso coffee, molasses and leather aromas. The complexity of the malt is perfectly balanced by the warmth of the alcohol, added to which is the punchy bitterness and earthy spice of the Columbus hops.

Ojo Foods


Ojo Food have a fantastic variety of Spanish produce….many of which are multi award winners.  This Sunday take a look at the Cecina De Leon (smoked Cured Beef).  They offer a premium Cecina de Leon IGP by selecting the best cuts from the Hindquarter of cows weighting more than 800 Kg.  This exceptional and selected beef is carefully cured for over 12 months. The combination of Land, Water, Salt, Wind, Fire and Time, transform the Cecina de León IGP (Cured Beef) into a product that is NATURAL, with distinctive qualities that are unique around the world. With its unique cherry colour, aroma, flavour and nutritious value (pure protein) it will satisfy even the most refined palates.  This has won the Great Taste Award.

Get to The Sidings on Sunday for your weekly fix of fine foods, a little entertainment and a great sense of community!

Traders expected for Sunday 25th June:-

Celtic Bakers
Elixirs of Life
Ojos Foods
Drink Directory
Just the Gem
Chez Francis and Sylvie La Fromagerie
Marsh Farm Produce Ltd
Wanstead Coffee
I am Dumplin
Mikey and Louis Creperie
Marias Tea Cakes
Adrian Webb
Bike Boutique

That Blue Patch

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