Another fantastic lineup we have for you this Sunday at The Sidings N21. With a touch of beauty essentials from Elixir of Life to give your skin that boost as we now slowly start to approach the colder months –  along with the warm, toasty Wanstead Coffee and of course The Sidings Bar offering up a glass (or bottle!) or prosecco. We also are pleased to have the company of Markus Michelucci entertaining us with his original sounds.



Celtic Bakers


Celtic Bakers are one of our most popular stalls at The Sidings and its easy to see why.  With their fantastic range of breads and sourdoughs and their extensive product knowledge, you are always guaranteed to find the perfect loaf.  This weekend why not take a look at their feature breads?

Traditional Irish Soda Bread

A delicious traditional Soda Bread that is a sweet tasting fibrous loaf with a super crispy crust.  Perfect for pairing with salmon, pates or even just butter and jam.  Makes a tasty accompaniment to lunch and dinner and can easily be used just for a snack.

New York Rye Sourdough

This half wheat, half rye loaf is baked in a stone oven.  It is deliciously light in texture and has a great mix of caraway seeds and sautéed onions throughout.  This is perfect partnered with pastrami, salt beef or cured meats.

Walnut Sourdough

Grab the perfect partner for any cheese board.  The walnut sourdough has a light texture with crushed walnuts running throughout.  With a crispy crust and a delightful lilac colouring, not only does it look amazing on a platter but it tastes sensational too!


The Sidings Bar

prosecco bar

This Sunday grab an ice cold beer from The Sidings Bar to enjoy in the sunshine.  We will have a whole variety of bottled lagers, wines and sangria –  as well as Prosecco by the glass or bottle and a variety of soft drinks, including squash for the kids!

Drinks available from the Bar:-

Prosecco by the glass and bottle
Pino Grigio and a small selection of other white wines
Vodka with a selection of mixers
Diet Coke
Orange Squash
Blackcurrant and Apple Squash


Marsh Produce Ltd

Marsh Produce 2

Marsh Produce have a tasty range of unique sausages, as well as burgers, steaks and various chicken pieces, marinated and plain.  You could also pick up a selection of different veggies to create your own vegetable kebabs or potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and more to create scrumptiously fresh side salads.


Wanstead Coffee


Blow the cobwebs away this weekend with a PROPER cup of caffeine from Wanstead Coffee.  Pick from a variety of flavours/strength and choose between coffee beans or already ground.  Here is just a taster of the selection they will have available:-


A Mountain Choice, 60% Columbia and 40% Mocha – A smooth and fruity blend with high notes of blackcurrant and stone fruits.  Rich and syrupy in body with a floral aroma and a dark chocolate finish.

An Organic Choice, 100% Arabica Beans from Honduras – Triple certified.  A good body with smoky, spicy, nutty notes and a smooth mild finish.

An All Day Choice, a 50/50 blend from Ethiopian Djimmah, Brazil – An intense and complex blend with notes of roasted nut, dark cocoa and sweet cedar wood, complimented by a creamy texture.


Guatemalan Choice – Bright and aromatic with a crisp stone fruit acidity, complemented by a rich syrupy body.  Notes of almond and apricot are present along with an indulgent dark chocolate finish.

An Ethiopian Start, 100% Arabica Beans – A balanced coffee with rich fig and blackcurrant fruit with lashings of warm spice notes.

Monte Sion, 100% Arabica Beans – Smooth, sweet and fruity with complex notes of almond, peach and passion fruit.  Bright acidity and rich flavour at the front of the cup with a persistent sweet and syrupy finish.


Adrian Webb

Adrian Webb 2

Adrian seems to have something new every week and bases his choices on simple fast food, Polish sausages, Katsu Chicken Curry, Cheese Burgers made from 100% British Beef in delicious brioche buns, Free Range Bacon Sandwiches. He’s also hoping to bring Paella which he will cook ‘live’ in front of people as the weather gets warmer.


Elixir of Life


Elixirs of Life is a multi-award winning business owned by Gill and David. Celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, creating and manufacturing a full range of natural handmade skin, hair & body care products.

Here at The Sidings you will find David selling fragrant, skin-loving pots of natural purity. The floral scents of lavender, marjoram, rose and marigold waft among the earthy notes of puddings and pies.

Elixirs of Life was born and they have made a name for themselves, winning many awards and having some great feedback on their products. They carefully source all the natural ingredients contained in their products, they select only the most environmentally friendly and high-quality ingredients.


Traders expected for 29th July 2017:-

Wanstead Coffee
Adrian Webb
The Sidings Bar
Marsh Farm Produce Ltd
Celtic Bakers
Elixir of Life

Markus Michelucci

Please note that the above list is only a guide. Traders may be subject to change at short notice. Love The Sidings? You can support your local market by spreading the word. If you know anyone that lives local and would enjoy the market too, let them know. You can use the sharing icons below to reach your friends on social media and email.

Nicholas Lake

Content creator for The Sidings N21

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