It was great to see so many of you braving the cold last Sunday to come along and support The Sidings N21.  We look forward to seeing you all again this weekend to take a look at our brand new trader and some of the amazing products on offer. Hook and Sons will be providing you with their fresh raw milk, butter and cream, Tony at La Sambrosa Continental is bringing you a treat direct from his hometown and Brockmans Farm are offering something organic that you’ll not find anywhere else in the UK!

Hook and Sons

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Father and son Phil and Steve Hook farm Longleys Farm organically and we are lucky enough to have them with us at The Sidings for 2016.  They sell a great range of freshly produced dairy products that will be available for you to purchase from this Sunday.

Their raw milk is a very different product to the pasteurised, homogenised milk you can buy in a supermarket. It will be very fresh, as nature intended and direct from the farm. Its taste will be pure and the milk is bottled as fresh as possible. To really enjoy your milk, follow these tips: Put the bottle of milk immediately into a fridge, and keep below 4C. Remember raw milk has not been pasteurised and should be kept cold. If you have more milk than you will use in the first three or four days of receiving your milk, they suggest that you freeze the surplus milk so that you have fresh milk later on in the week. Freezing does not affect the milk quality, but do allow room for it to expand. Raw milk is not homogenised. Therefore, if left overnight in the fridge, the cream will rise to the top. In the morning, you will notice a cream line, the creamy top part of the bottle is fantastic with cereals in the morning, and aromatic coffee.
Raw Butter:
They produce a lovely Unsalted or Lightly Salted Raw Butter using a Welsh sea salt, certified as organic by the Soil Association.
The ‘Halen Môn Anglesey Sea Salt’ that they use in the production of their lightly salted raw butter has been awarded ‘PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)’ protected food name status by the European Union. The Anglesey Sea Salt Company have been hand-harvesting the famous sea salt from the Menai Strait for 17 years. Each pack of their raw butter is handmade, churning just the cream taken from over 18 pints of organic, raw, whole milk. From this butter we also produce our own Ghee.
Raw Cream:
Produced from their raw organic milk, available in 142ml and 284ml pots, thick enough to ‘stand a spoon in’ this luscious cream is heavenly.

Brockmans Farm


Direct from Brockmans Farm this Sunday is a new breed of green vegetable…….The Flower Sprout, a hybrid plant that is a combination of the Brussel sprout and kale. With a milder and sweeter taste, it is extremely versatile in the kitchen as it can be boiled, steamed, stir-fried or cooked in a microwave. Like kale and sprouts, the flower sprout is also classed as a ‘superfood’ because it is a good source of vitamins and dietary fibre, just 100g contains double the amount of Vitamin B6, than standard Brussels sprouts, and twice the amount of Vitamin C! It is also extremely rare to find these in the organic variety so Brockmans are proud to be able to have these available for just for you.

Brockmans Farm are also selling some delicious Crown of Prince squash in quarters.

La Sambrosa Continental

La Sambrosa

Tony from La Sambrosa Continental is stocking some fantastic BBQ Spanish Chorizo from his hometown of Chinchon in Madrid.  The recipe for this particular chorizo was produced specifically for this town and the recipe has been going for over 80 years! In Tony’s own words….’It’s the business’.  So come along this Sunday and get yours before he sells out.

La Sambrosa Continental will also be stocking some tinned white asparagus in water.  Perfect for salads and pastas.

So pop along to The Sidings this Sunday and grab some of the new products on offer as well as a selection of other great foods, delicious, fresh and right on your door step!

Traders expected for the 17th January 2016:-

Brockmans Farm
Dees Pies
Hook and Sons
Marsh Produce
The Wild Meat Company
Oil and Vinegar
Celtic Bakers
La Sambrosa Continental
Frejya’s Wines
I am Dumplings
Maria’s Tea Cakes (and Savoury)
Adrian Webb
Bike Boutique
Manos Puestas

Please note that the above list is only a guide. Traders may be subject to change at short notice.

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Nicholas Lake

Content creator for The Sidings N21

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