Why not come along to The Sidings this Sunday and visit Ojos Foods where you’ll be able to pick up something that as far as we know, is not available anywhere else in the UK?!  We also have the famous ‘Old Bakery Gin’ available from Drink Directory and Maria is cooking up a storm this week so make sure you check out her bevy of delicious bakes!

Ojos Foods

blck garlic chorizo

Ojos Foods have a real treat in store for you this weekend.  They will be stocking something that is totally unique and not available anywhere else in the UK!  Its a one of a kind Chorizo with black garlic (Ezequiel).

Since 1945, Embutidos Ezequiel has manufactured artisan charcuterie.  Today they have created a brand new product which is the perfect balance between health and flavor.  After more than seven decades of artisan production they have reunited innovation and investigation with tradition findings and have managed to create an intense and spectacular flavor to add to their most iconic product, therefore creating Chorizo with black garlic. It is a one of a kind chorizo which is slightly sweet, with an intense aroma. Black garlic has vitamin C and antioxidants, making it a perfect match with the traditional chorizo.

After careful selection of the best meat cuts the chorizo is then cured in the middle of the beautiful mountains of Villamanin, Leon.  Quality, tradition, experience and innovation in one unique product……..Chorizo with black garlic!

Drink Directory

gin (2)

The Story Behind The Old Bakery Gin……

In 2013 Ian Puddick purchased a number of buildings to operate his businesses from and one of them included The Old Bakery, complete with a beautiful 140ft tall London brick built chimney.  Sadly in late 2013, they regretfully had to remove the wonderful Bakery brick chimney as the structure was unsafe, in doing so, they opened up a legal can of worms as they found the land registration had erroneously stated that the chimney belonged to a neighbouring domestic home. This issue has now all been sorted however during the legal research to identify and understand how and where the original land registry problem had occurred they discovered that 100+ years ago the old bakery had a secret …….they made illegal Gin!!

Being a real Gin lover Ian then set out to rediscover the secret Gin History of the Old Bakery and to see if he could make it happen again but this time on the right side of the law.  Now with a Gin that is created in batches of only 30 bottles, you get the personalised touch as well as a gin that is out of this world!

The Gin Guide Says…… Old Bakery Gin has a wonderful and intriguing story behind it that somehow makes drinking it even more enjoyable.  It is light, clean and fresh, with juniper and citrus from start to finish, and a gentle sweetness in the background.  There’s even a slight menthol kick in the finish to make Old Bakery Gin ideal for a refreshing gin and tonic, especially when garnished with a slice of fresh lemon or mint leaves.  Its a gin that really could create a whole new history for the old bakery building, but on the right side of the law this time!

So don’t take our word for it, come along and try it for yourselves from Drink Directory this Sunday, you will not leave empty handed!

Maria’s Tea Cakes


Maria will be busy baking up lots of delicious cakes and sweet treats in her kitchen this week so they are fresh and delicious and waiting for you on Sunday.  Check out her super moist gluten and dairy free Orange and Chocolate Cake.  A cake created with a mix of Orange, chocolate and almonds, topped with a thin layer of chocolate spread and decorated with a selection of fresh fruit.

Also available…….

A selection of mini meringues topped with fluffy whipped cream and a generous helping of juicy fresh Summer berries.

Rich and indulgent Chocolate and Guinness cake finished off with some fresh cream

A moist and colourful red velvet cake decorated with a sweet buttercream topping.

So forget the diet and indulge in some amazing home cooked cakes that will not only put a big smile on your face but will also brighten your day!

Big Alan Craig


We have an amazing talent debuting at The Siding this Sunday…….if you are a fan of the blues, a visit this weekend is a MUST!

‘Big Alan Craig’ is a regular performer at St Harmonica’s Rhythm and Blues Club playing his brand of blues and soul, whether as a solo artist or as part of the band – The Disclaimers

He also brings some Celtic, acoustic rock and Americana music to The Sidings and will be joined for some part by the wonderful vocals of Ms Julia Gannon.  Julia is also a ‘Disclaimer’ and has sang with many bands in North London.

We look forward to seeing you treat yourselves this weekend with quality Gin, home made cakes and unique foodie items…..it’s all waiting for you at The Sidings!

Traders expected for 29th July 2017:-

Wanstead Coffee
Ojos Foods
Celtic Bakers
Drink Directory
Chez Francis and Sylvie French Delicatessen (La Fromagerie)
Marsh Farm Produce Ltd
The Sidings Bar
It’s and Wrap
Marias Tea Cakes
Adrian Webb
Wanstead Coffee Bar

Big Alan Craig

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