If your looking for a great way to spend your Sunday, look no further. The Sidings N21 has everything you need for your week ahead plus a few tasty extras.  Why not pick up all your essentials, bread, milk, veggies, cheese and meat as well as some tatsy treats for your family.  Oil and Vinegar have a great new product available and Daisy Bakes is cooking up some fantastic retro biscuits to enjoy which go hand in hand with a creamy coffee, Milkshake or smoothie from Bike Boutique.

Daisy Bakes

daisy bakes

For those of you that love the old favourites, treat yourself to some homemade Custard Creams and Bourbons this Sunday from the ‘Retro Corner’ on the Daisy Bakes stall.  Lesley at Daisy Bakes will also be stocking some of her amazing Italian biscuits which are gluten free, dairy free and taste incredible!

Oil and Vinegar

oil and vin

Oil and Vinegar have a great new product available this week.  ‘Dipper’ comes in two varieties, the distinct flavoured Tuscan variety is made with a dried blend of sweet spices, garlic, onion, celery, leek and other vegetables and the Sicilian blend combines sweet spices with thyme, oregano, bell peppers, parmesan and rosemary. These can be used in just about anything……marinades, salad dressings, as a rub, sprinkled into salad or added to mayonnaise to create a tasty dip!  Pick one up from The Sidings this Sunday and create a whole number of different dishes with an added special ingredient.

Bike Boutique

Logan and Keira

Join Steve and Cheryl from Bike Boutique this weekend. They are at The Sidings to quench everyones thirst with an amazing selection of coffees as well as smoothies and milkshakes.  Try a pineapple sunset or strawberry split smoothie, deliciously fruity and extremely tasty.  Their milkshakes come in a variety of unusual flavours ranging from oreo, to skittles to crème egg…….and these are just a few of what’s available.

Neriman Sandwiches


Neriman Sandwiches are back at The Sidings this Sunday bringing some of their super succulent flavoursome hog roast sandwiches.  Slow cooked and infused with garlic and herbs, their pork is tender and mouth wateringly good.  Served in a toasted ciabatta with some crackling, fresh peppery rocket and some of their homemade apple sauce, the smell alone will be too tempting to resist.

An atmosphere that welcomes all, live music and food that’s to die for, all at The Sidings this Sunday.  So put a reminder in your phone or a note on your calendar to remind you to come along and enjoy!

Traders expected for the 31st January 2016:-

Brockmans Farm
Dees Pies
Hook and Sons
Freya’s Wines
Marsh Produce
The Wild Meat Company
Oil and Vinegar
Celtic Bakers
La Sambrosa Continental
Neriman Sandwiches
Maria’s Tea Cakes (and Savoury)
Adrian Webb
Bike Boutique

Graeme Airth on the Sax

Please note that the above list is only a guide. Traders may be subject to change at short notice. Love The Sidings? You can support your local market by spreading the word. If you know anyone that lives local and would enjoy the market too, let them know. You can use the sharing icons below to reach your friends on social media and email.

Nicholas Lake

Content creator for The Sidings N21