With the weather providing a chill, you’ll always receive a warm welcome at The Sidings N21 and this week you can gain some extra warmth purchasing a fantastic hat from our newest trader!  We also have the Christmas theme running through Dees Pies and Roz has some stocking fillers for your four legged friend.  Take a stroll around the market this weekend and pick up some great produce!

Dees Pies


Throughout December, Dee will be making a whole range of Christmas pies to get you in the festive mood.  All of the pies are wrapped in a delicious short crust pastry and filled to the brimmed with fresh, top quality ingredients.  This Sunday you’ll be able to choose from succulent steak and Mulled Wine, Moist Chicken, Stilton and sweet honey roasted ham or if you prefer a non meat option you can pick up a delicious roasted root vegetable with cranberries. Pick yours up this week and make the most of Dees Christmas range while it lasts.

Natural Fur Pom Poms


Natural fur Pom Poms supply the highest quality natural fur Pom Pom hats at a price you can afford.  The fur itself is of the highest quality and the Pom Pom measures 18cm centimeters in diameter, which is the largest size available. The pom pom is also detachable which makes the hats extremely easy to machine wash. Each hat is a Wool and acrylic mix, its super comfortable and will help keep you warm and toasty all winter.  They are available in a variety of striking colours and suitable for both adults and children.


Santa Paws is on his way and Roz will be showcasing some fantastic “festive domestic” canine gifts…..unique, and eco friendly and very new on the market!


Ask Roz all about the BacLock Pet Towel and Mitt.  Fantastic for any dog owner to help dry off those wet, muddy feet during the winter months or for use after bath time.  The built-in hand pockets help to keep your pet close to you as you dry them off after bath time and the Ultra-absorbent microfiber is perfect for keeping pets dry and warm.  The fabric also allows you to gently lift loose pet hair before it ends up on your furniture and around your home.  The towel and mitt feature an antibacterial agent within the cloth which allows it to self-purify within 24 hours, so it can be used frequently between washes, making it the perfect gift for dog lovers this Christmas.

Roz will also have a variety of Pupcakes too and the Great Danish Pawstry selection bags will also on the stall, tempting doggy taste buds.  Don’t forget, Character Canine Cookies are still stockist of the AMAZING guest gourmet product Bybenji:- Biltong, training treats, super sticks and sausages.

Canine Corner is the place for healthy pooches inside and out!

We’re getting into the spirit of Christmas at The Sidings this month so make sure you come along each weekend to see what merry treats we have available from our cheery traders!

Traders expected for 4th December 2016:-

Freyja’s Wines
Character Canine Cookies
Wakelins of Hitchin
Hook and Sons
Davina’s Spice Kitchen
Iberian Deli
Celtic Bakers
Oil and Vinegar
Hill Street
Natural Fur Pom Poms
Dees Pies
La Sambrosa Continental
Marsh Farms Produce
Papa Paella
Marias Tea Cakes
Adrian Webb
Bike Boutique

Markus Michaelucci

Please note that the above list is only a guide. Traders may be subject to change at short notice. Love The Sidings? You can support your local market by spreading the word. If you know anyone that lives local and would enjoy the market too, let them know. You can use the sharing icons below to reach your friends on social media and email.

Nicholas Lake

Content creator for The Sidings N21

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