Mixed  Shellfish  Isle  de  Honorat

Mixed Shellfish Isle de Honorat
I was very pleased when our excellent Fishmonger Peter Locke kindly gave me a selection of fresh shellfish as he was clearing up, my partner loves clams and I cooked this dish that night with our feet up watching X Factor. It’s very quick, dead easy, and lovely, don’t be put off with strange looking shells, they are just the best sweetest things to eat and really good for you, if you had this in a restaurant they would charge you a small fortune!! So have a look at this recipe take the bull by the horns and buy a mixed selection from Peter at next weeks The Sidings N21 Sunday Market and give yourself a real treat. My partner is purring, having just devoured a plate of these little darlings, see my picture after the event, and I am in her good books again or at least for 5 mins. So here we go, this is what you need to buy. Lockies Fishmonger Peter will have the following on his stall, ask him to prepare the scallops, and keep the shells for garnish.
Serves: 2
  • Olive Oil and Butter
  • Scallops in the shell x 2
  • Razor Clams x 2
  • Large Venus Clams x 4
  • Small Clams handful
  • Whelks large x 6 will need blanching
  • Mussels handful
  • Small onion fine chopped
  • Garlic x 3 cloves fine chopped
  • Fish Stock wine glass full
  • White wine glass
  • Double Cream x glass
  • Parsley any sort or tarragon if you like
  • Peppermill and salt to taste
  1. I promise you this is not a pain to make its fast dead easy here is how you cook the dish. The only slight nuisance is you need to take the whelks put them in a pan of water just covering them and bring to boil, cook no more than 2 minutes or they will be tough and chewy, and you will think the recipe is rubbish !!
  2. After 2 mins cover in cold water and fast cool them, each little shell holds a tasty fresh little sea snail, no don’t start eeew I hate snails! they are nothing like land snails, which whilst delicious can be an acquired taste, you need to winkle the snail out of its shell with a pin or skewer with a twisting motion they will give up their homes, you will be left with a curly body, cut off the black tail end as it can be bitter and take off the trap door at the other end, its their front door so not edible, and you will have the whelk ready for the dish.
  3. This sounds difficult but its not, bear with me they are worth a few minutes of your time. Get the fry pan hot add the splash of oil and the onion don’t burn or colour the onion it just needs softening, add the garlic and fry for just a minute, be careful not to burn or overheat these ingredients.
  4. Add the fish stock, half a cube is ok, knorr or the like, or supermarket fish stock with the white wine, let this reduce by half will take a few minutes then add all the rest of the shellfish and cover with any sort of lid on the pan to allow a bit of steaming to happen, once you see the large clams and razor clams open we are almost ready, once again be careful not to overcook.
  5. Finally add the cream, some parsley or tarragon, bring to a bubble season, stir well and serve.
  6. Garnish with a few empty shells, scallop shell on the side, serve with nice crusty bread also available at The Sidings N21 from The Celtic Bakers.


Nicholas Lake

Content creator for The Sidings N21

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