Father and son Phil and Steve Hook farm Longleys Farm organically. They have been in partnership together at Longleys Farm Hailsham since 1991. Farming is in their blood, the Hook family have been farming in East Sussex for at least 250 years! They farm 180 acres just north of Hailsham, and on the very western edge of the Pevensey Levels Site of Special Scientific Interest (S.S.S.I.) The organic methods of farming that we use work in harmony with maintaining and enhancing this important and wonderful local ecology. Our farm is teeming with a wide variety of flora and fauna. A recent RSPB species survey found 45 different species of native birds, including eight species whose status is category red (declined by more than 50% over the last 25 years), and nine species that have declined by 25-49% over the same period (category amber).

The farm is an all grass farm, most of which is permanent pasture on the land on the Pevensey Levels. On the upper western side of the farm, grass leys that are rich in red and white clover are grown. The cows graze all these fields once the ground is dry enough ‘to turn them out’ in the spring, until the ground becomes too wet in the autumn. The cows are then housed indoors for the winter. They are fed our homemade, organic grass silage in the winter that has been made from lush spring grass and clover. An organic sunflower, lucerne and sugar beet mix is also fed to the cows to supplement their grass diet.
We consider the cows’ welfare and health are paramount. Cows in a conventional herd produce nearly 50% more milk than our cows. This means our ‘Kates, Idas, Biddys and Rowenas and Rubys’ are not under so much pressure and stress. Our cows benefit from this lower yield and lower stress by not being prone to stress related cattle health problems, such as mastitis and lameness. Indeed, our cows on average live to be eight or nine years old, compared to the national average of six years old.

Raw Milk:

Our raw milk is a very different product to the pasteurised, homogenised milk you can buy in a supermarket. It will be very fresh, as nature intended and direct from the farm. Its taste will be pure. The milk will be bottled as fresh as possible. To really enjoy your milk, follow these tips:
Put the bottle of milk immediately into a fridge, and keep below 4C. Remember raw milk has not been pasteurised and should be kept cold. If you have more milk than you will use in the first three or four days of receiving your milk, we suggest that you freeze the surplus milk so that you have fresh milk later on in the week. Freezing does not affect the milk quality, but do allow room for it to expand. Raw milk is not homogenised. Therefore, if left overnight in the fridge, the cream will rise to the top.
In the morning, you will notice a cream line, the creamy top part of the bottle is fantastic with cereals in the morning, and aromatic coffee.

Raw Butter:

We are produce our lovely Unsalted or Lightly Salted Raw Butter using a Welsh sea salt, certified as organic by the Soil Association.
The ‘Halen Môn Anglesey Sea Salt’ that we use in the production of our lightly salted raw butter has been awarded ‘PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)’ protected food name status by the European Union. The Anglesey Sea Salt Company have been hand-harvesting the famous sea salt from the Menai Strait for 17 years. Each pack of our raw butter is handmade, churning just the cream taken from over 18 pints of organic, raw, whole milk. From this butter we also produce our own Ghee.

Raw Cream:

Produced from our raw organic milk, available in 142ml and 284ml pots, thick enough to ‘stand a spoon in’ this luscious cream is heavenly.

Bike Boutique bring new snacks to The Sidings every week. They do cakes, paninis and damn good coffee. Their stall is situated right next to the seating area, perfect for you to enjoy a delicious cappuccino as you sit with your friends and family on a sunny Sunday morning.

Running for just over 2 years with a freshly renovated shop just opposite the market, The Bike Boutique isn’t your average bike repair shop. Run by Steve and Sheryl, they not only sell great bicycles, but stylish practical clothing, they run a fantastic bike workshop and boast “The Best Coffee In North London”.

They love The Sidings because it is helping them achieve their dream of Winchmore Hill Green being a meeting place for everyone in the village. It’s growing every weekend and gives people something to do on a Sunday. Their aim for the future is to “get everyone cycling” as is the case in countries like Holland and Denmark. In Amsterdam and The Hague, 70% off journeys are made by bicycle and in Copenhagen bikes outnumber residents. Why can’t the be the case in Winchmore Hill?

Adrian made a name for himself in Winchmore Hill when he opened Regatta on the Green 20 years ago. When the lease ran out this Christmas past he decided to change things up and go into catering and market work with his wife.

Adrian seems to have something new every week and bases his choices on simple fast food, Polish sausages, Katsu Chicken Curry, Cheese Burgers made from 100% British Beef in delicious brioche buns, Free Range Bacon Sandwiches. He’s also hoping to bring Paella which he will cook ‘live’ in front of people as the weather gets warmer.


Elixirs of Life is a multi-award winning business owned by Gill and David. Celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, creating and manufacturing a full range of natural handmade skin, hair & body care products.

Here at The Sidings you will find David selling fragrant, skin-loving pots of natural purity. The floral scents of lavender, marjoram, rose and marigold waft among the earthy notes of puddings and pies.

Gill had started out simply with the desire to make products that would not irritate her sensitive skin, and did not contain harsh chemicals. She took a series of courses to learn anatomy, physiology, aromatherapy and skin care manufacturing.

“After looking at various farmers markets”, explains Gill. “The people at the farmers markets are aware of what they are eating, care about what they are eating and aware of what they are putting on their skin. For us, it was good to talk with customers, explain the benefits of the creams and get feedback. This made farmers markets really suitable for us.”

Elixirs of Life was born and they have made a name for themselves, winning many awards and having some great feedback on their products. They carefully source all of the natural ingredients contained in their products, they select only the most environmentally friendly and high quality ingredients.


Celtic Bakers have been with us from day one. They trade at many other markets including LFM, CCFM and Thames Valley.

Behind the scenes are 12 bakers and 8 pastry chefs, who are up the night before the market in The Old Chocolate Factory near Wood Green, preparing everything for The Sidings N21. They hand craft each loaf, cake and pastry using vast experience, the finest natural ingredients, and above all, time. Their techniques and expertise have been past down over many generations. They value their long fermentation process, taking time to create a wonderful flavour with each loaf. This process is especially prevalent in their sourdough breads, one of their bigas has been tended to every day and matured for over 15 years!

The guys at the stall are incredibly friendly and have already built up a fan base of regulars at The Sidings, with people even asking for ‘the usual’ when they approach the stall. What they love about the market is the people and the feeling of community that The Sidings creates. They love the staff at the market as well, the fact they are always happy to help goes a long way. Celtic Bakers plan for the future are plain and simple, they want to stay as they are ‘small and authentic’ they love what they do and pride quality over quantity, baking their fantastic breads, cakes and pastries for years to come.

Having cooked in professional kitchens for over 30 years and enjoyed a career throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East as well as archiving Michelin accreditation along the way. My desire for flavor has been a life long quest and I now wish to share what I have learned.

So far I reckon that if you take simple food, add good technique and cooks who care this brings the most happiness. The best food is hard to find but so worth it! The Biryani man in Dhaka, immaculate chilli crab on Thong Lor in Bangkok, the lamb tagine in the Sinai and the babby gulang man in Ubud. All doing one thing very well…looking after you. In an industry now where chain restaurants dominate, and having oodles of style and panache but poor risotto, very little care and a queue so they rush you out the door. I believe we are being sold a lemon. My life in kitchens has been blessed with diversity and travel, all the while driven by a desire to look after people and try to give comfort and luxury to others. The generosity of spirit has left the industry, which is something I lament.

Our ethos is simple; outstanding quality and reasonable prices.

Fine Food, for a Fiver

We trade with reputable suppliers who are as local as possible and ask their help to find us the best available products. Our commitment to the local community we trade in and the greater environment is resolute and we genuinely enjoy cooking for people. Our selection of gently steamed Gyoza dumplings are delightful. You get 7 plump juicy little parcels of meaty goodness, then you can get saucy with our immaculate dressings finished with a picked herb salad, toasted sesame and some smashed cracking. We believe they are superb. We have options for all and welcome any dietary requirements.


Tom and his friends at Themptation bring some of the most unique produce to The Sidings each week. Specialising in hemp seeds products, they utilise the oil, flour and seeds in all of their products to create delicious healthy treats.

Everything Themptation create is hand-made locally in their North London kitchen, exclusively using organically sourced fair trade ingredients. Even their ‘plastic’ packaging is made from completely natural materials and is 100% biodegradable. Since Tom only sources organic and fairtrade ingredients he has to source from a huge variety of growers and locations, this dedication and passion to keeping everything ethical is reflected in Thempation’s fantastic produce and they are one of the friendliest stalls at The Sidings, always smiling and they love to talk about their produce.

Marsh produce started life as vegetable growers and sellers, they sold exotic and rare vegetables to top restaurants and hotels as well as the general public. However due to climate change in the UK and some very dry seasons, the owners Clive and Deborah were forced to stop growing veg as they had no means of irrigation where they were situated.

So with no option of growing veg, they grassed down the farm and bought some animals. There has been a huge decline in the population of native British farm animals, so much so they are now classified as rare breed. Clive, Deborah and their three children are keeping these rare breeds going and now have around 500 sheep, 80 cows and much more all native British breeds. They have their own butchery on the farm and all the recipes you see at their stall are created by their daughter who would love to start creating her own ready meals to be able to trade at markets with.

Davina, a law graduate, gave up working in the City after having her children. From a young age, she has had a passion for cooking and has now decided to follow this up after being asked to do so by many friends and family, who enjoy her cuisine.

This week, Davina will be joining our N21 Farmers Market to offer her vegetable samosas, lamb and potato samosa rolls as well as delicious tandoori chicken wraps.

Davina is versatile and can make a wide variety of Indian dishes, including popular biryani and curry dishes, and appetizers such as pakoras and chickpea fritters. As a young girl, she learnt to make her signature vegetable samosas from her mother. Using fresh ingredients, healthy cooking methods and making her own pastry, these delicious golden triangles are filled with lightly spiced, potatoes, cauliflower, peas, carrots and red onion. They have been a sell-out at local fayres.

Davina’s dishes will appeal to the whole family. So, for some exciting flavours of India visit Davina’s Spice Kitchen.

If you’ve ever been to the market, you will have met the lovely Maria. She brings some of the most delicious cakes and other treats to The Sidings every Sunday.

Maria is delightfully friendly and chatty and this is the first time she has ever traded at a market. She has a real passion for her creations and is busy preparing up to 3 days before each market at home. You can tell she loves to bake!

Her dream would is to be able to open up a cake shop and she would also love to teach people how to bake in one to one classes. Maria loves the atmosphere of the market and the people of Winchmore Hill. If you haven’t tried one of her cakes you’re missing out!

If you have a pet dog, make sure to visit Roz at Character Canine Cookies. The wonderfully friendly and chatty Roz bakes fantastic, diabetic friendly dog treats.

She used to bake for humans, but when a diabetic client asked her if her dog could eat it, the idea for Character Canine Cookies was born. Roz visits The Sidings once a month and you’ll see her as soon as you walk in on the right. So if you’re walking your dog on a beautiful Sunday morning in Winchmore Hill, come down to The Sidings and get them a treat. All of Character Canine Cookies products are additive free and made fresh every weekend!

We grew up in a little village in Essex. As kids we fought like brothers do. Chris took himself off to Paris to train as a chocolatier. Greg tried his hand at design back home.

Now both grown up and back in Britain, we realised we have more in common than we thought: A desire to be the best, big respect for our local community, an appetite for experimentation and uncontrollable love of chocolate.

And so, Hill St. was born. A unique experience for chocolate lovers with a taste for authenticity. Crafted by local boys with big ambition.

Visit http://www.hill.st/

Follow us on Twitter @hillstreetuk

Oil & Vinegar is the destination of choice for high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Vinegars. We have brought together the best flavours of the Mediterranean to evoke sunshine in your everyday cooking!

Our dressings and sauces add wonderful flavours to your salads or dishes. Our Bruschetta mixes are an innovative way to create quick and easy appetisers, or bring an authentic taste to your Italian cooking.

If you are looking for a gift for a food lover, look no further. Our stunning presentation sets will create a great visual impression, and then deliver a flavour explosion!